The Best Cars to Buy As a New Driver

It’s been a long, arduous task getting your driver’s license and now that you’ve passed, you’re starting to look for your first vehicle. It’s absolutely vital to do your research before you buy a car because if you make the wrong purchase, your insurance prices could skyrocket. It makes sense to keep things practical for your first motor.

If you’re starting to look for your first car, remember that buying the car is just the beginning as keeping it running can be expensive. However, there are plenty of cars within a reasonable budget that is easy to keep on the road and any maintenance needed will be at a low cost. With that in mind, here are some vehicles to consider when you’re shopping around for your first.


Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the staple British car and there’s a reason why it frequently sits at the top of the best-sellers lists. The Fiesta offers great value for money for both brand new and second-hand models. Due to Ford’s dedication to wanting a strong reputation associated with the Fiesta name, you will not go wrong with choosing a new model or one from the past, they’re all equally reliable. Throw in the fact that it’s also cheap to run and cheap to get repaired; you can see why it’s consistently one of Britain’s best-selling cars for first-time drivers.


Volkswagen Polo

Known for its classy design, sturdy build, and overall quality, be assured that you’re purchasing a well-built motor. Newer models of the Polo come at quite a premium due to their quality build and state-of-the-art technology. However, if you look at models that were built during the early to mid-2000s, you’ll easily find them in the £1,000 price range. The VW Polo may not be the most exciting car ever made but as a first car for a new driver, it’s up there for the most reasonably priced and most reliable.


Peugeot 208 / 206 / 107

All three of these models are well suited for first-time drivers. The French car manufacturers have a long line of quality, stylish builds and models like the 206 are no exception. From the basic models like the Fever to the sportier GTi, there’s a 206 that suits everyone’s needs. It’s also easier than ever before to own a Peugeot as a first-time driver. Peugeot offers a ‘Just Add Fuel’ package which includes everything you need for the first three years on the road; road tax, servicing and insurance. All you need to do is add fuel, exactly what it says on the tin.


Vauxhall Corsa

According to Money Supermarket, the Vauxhall Corsa is the most popular car on the road for new drivers. The Corsa, similar to the Fiesta, is a solid and reliable car, and there’s plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a model. What’s also an attractive aspect of the Corsa is that the majority of models fall into the lowest insurance groups (1 and 2) and you’ll be able to find newer and older models for under £3,000. It’s also possible to pick up post-2010 versions of the Corsa with under 50,000 miles. It’s really no surprise why the Vauxhall Corsa remains one of Britain’s best-selling cars for first-time drivers.


MINI Cooper / Hatchback / One

Probably the most expensive car on this list but MINI’s are becoming more and more popular with newer drivers. It’s a car that people want rather than need due to its desirability and image. Regardless though, it’s an outstanding first car to own if you can afford one. The entry-level MINI that is within your means is the One model. They’re cheap to run and you can easily find them for under £3,000. MINI’s are engineered by BMW, so you know that they will excel in build quality and have a durable feel inside and out.


Nissan Micra

The presentation of the Nissan Micra may not be the most eye-catching, but more recent models are certainly easier on the eye. But - what you will find is one of the most comfortable, dependable, and great value for money cars. It’s a robust small car that delivers a nice blend of interior space, performance, and driveability. Even though they’re cheap to buy, servicing it might be a bit pricey compared to the Corsa or Fiesta. However, with its dependability, you won’t have to worry about that too much.


Fiat 500

Here’s the good news - The typical annual cost of insurance for a younger driver with a Fiat 500 is £902. Here’s another bit of good news – they’re affordable compared to cars like the MINI One or any of the Peugeot models. Whichever model you go for, the Fiat 500 offers great value for money in addition to low running costs. They’re just as much fun to drive as well. We’re not going to say that the Fiat 500 is the perfect car, but they tick almost every box for new drivers and it should definitely be on your shortlist.