Finding top equity release advice is just one click away.

Equity Release Advice Service

Borrow from £15,000 to £1 000 000

Kompare will assist you to calculate the maximum potential amount you could obtain based on the information provided

Finding top equity release advice is just one click away.

Equity release lets you access the equity tied up in your home if you’re over the age of 55.

You’re able to take the money you release as a lump sum, or in several smaller amounts. You can use your equity release for almost any purpose. It’s commonly used for expensive purchases, family gifts, home improvements, and indulging in lifelong hobbies and experiences.

Equity release schemes allow you to access your property’s value for more cash in retirement. You can release the wealth tied up in your property without having to sell it and move to another home. You can either borrow against the value of your home or sell or part sell in exchange for a lump sum or regular monthly income.

It’s designed to help those who are older and in need of funds to help their current situation without having to dip into their savings or pension fund. If you’d like to start today, our quick, easy price comparison service could help you in no time at all.

You Have The Freedom and Choice To Raise A Lump Sum Your Way

Keep The Equity In Your Home


Because you don’t want to use your home as security.

 You must have spare guaranteed pension income or final salary pension which you can afford to give up

 If you pass away before it’s fully repaid, the loan is written off

 Borrow between £15,000 to £1 000 000 

 Perfect for homeowners aged over 55, with or without a mortgage

Release The Equity In Your Home


Because you don’t mind borrowing against your home.

 You prefer minimal or no repayments

 You don’t mind reducing the value of your estate

 If you own your own home and are aged 55+ (no upper age limit)

Whole Market Independent Financial Advice


Learn what your advisor can do for you.

 Fully advised service

 Bespoke independent advice from expert advisers who will work alongside you to discover your goals and help you meet them

 From your initial consultation meeting, the completion and receipt and funds can take up to 8 weeks.

 The final decision is yours alone and can be changed before completion

Equity Release Advice Service

Finding top equity release advice is just one click away.

What Are The Reasons To Borrow?

There are plenty of reasons to borrow. Let’s look at the 4 main reasons why people choose to borrow.

To Look After Your Parents

If you’re aged 55+ , you might find yourself having to help both your children and your parents which is a large responsibility. You need as much financial help as possible. By borrowing you could:

 Modify your parents’ home or modify your home if they live with you

 Add an extension to your home to cope with your parents living with you

 Raise money for essential home nursing care and support

To Help Your Children

You might like to help your children without spending a huge chunk of your savings or putting your hands into your pension fund. To help them you might want to borrow for the following reasons:

 Help raise a deposit for their first home

 Pay for their wedding

 Give your grandchild the fees to pay for their education

 Any extensions that they want to add to their home

To Add Value To Your Home

Now you’re at the age where you’re spending more time at home, you want to make it as comfortable as possible and add value for when it’s time to finally sell. You could choose to:

 Add an open-plan extension to your kitchen or living room

 Renovate your bathroom

 Give your garden a complete makeover

 Add a conservatory or any type of extension to your home

To Bring Forward Your Plans

It’s maybe time to start wanting to achieve significant lifestyle changes, or fulfil some plans earlier in your retirement. By borrowing it will allow you:

 Purchase that classic car you’ve always dreamed about

 Make plans to travel the world

 Indulge in your lifelong hobbies

 Tick off any last bucket list experiences

Unsure About What To Do?

If you’re unsure about what to do, you can give one our specialist agents a call on 0800 812 1000 and they’ll be able to assist you with any questions that you may have. Alternatively, you can request for us to call you at a convenient time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that taking out equity release can seem quite daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of FAQs to answer any questions that you may have.

The amount of equity you can release depends on several factors. You’ll need to be a UK home owner (property worth over £75,000) and be aged 55 or older. You must also live permanently in your home and be your main residence.
Unfortunately not. Most providers will not accept static or mobile homes as suitable security – either for a standard mortgage or an equity release loan.
No. The amount you borrow against the value of your home, plus any interest, will never go above the value of the property due to the No Negative Equity Guarantee safeguard upheld by Equity Release Council members. You will continue benefitting from the rises in property value in years to come.
If you are married or have a partner of any description and have taken equity release together, then your partner can stay in your home after you have passed away.
Some equity release products are transferable from one home to another. Your provider will have some conditions that your new home will need to meet; such as the location, condition and value of your property.