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Road Risk insurance is designed for motor traders who work part-time or full-time, and use any vehicles for their business. Even if you only buy or sell the occasional car, you will need road risks insurance to meet the minimum legal requirements by law.

Road risks insurance offers the level of cover required for motor traders who work in repairs, maintenance or sales. This insurance types includes cover for when you are driving or moving vehicles as part of your day-to-day routine.

Your cover can also include your premises and you will have the option to add Public Liability insurance to your policy as well. This insurance is designed to give you complete peace of mind when operating vehicles from the comfort of your own home or from your business premises.

What Are The Different Policy Types That I Can Take Out?

When taking out a road risks insurance policy, you’ll be asked which type of cover you’d like to purchase. There are two levels of cover. Here are your options:

Road Risk

This is perfect for those based at home rather than at set premises. This helps cover the vehicles that are in your possession when on the road. This will help with situations such as driving a vehicle from your garage to a driveway, picking up or returning a vehicle to a customer, or testing a vehicle after repair work has finished.

Road Risk & Premises Cover

You will need a combined policy if you own and operate a business from a location, rather than out of your home. This is also essential if you employ workers, keep any stock, and store customers vehicles overnight.

Taking out a road risk policy is similar to car insurance. Seeing as you’ll be dealing and driving cars on a daily basis, there are a couple of different insurance types you can take out:

Fully Comprehensive

This is the most extensive level of cover available. It includes third-party, fire & theft. This protects you and other motorists from any damage you cause, as well as covering medical expenses.

Third-Party, Fire & Theft

This level of cover helps you if you’re responsible for damage to other people, passengers or their property and it will cover the cost of repairs. You are also covered if your vehicle gets stolen or damaged by fire. HOWEVER, if you’re responsible for an accident, this level of cover will not help pay for repairs to your vehicle or any medical expenses, you will have to pay the costs.

Third-Party Only

This is the most basic level of cover you can purchase and the lowest that it legally required. This will help pay for any damage you cause to other vehicles and property. There is no cover for you or your vehicle. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, you won’t be able to claim back the cost.

Unsure About Which Policy You Need?

If you’re unsure about which policy you need to take out for your business, you can give one our specialist agents a call on 0800 812 1000 and they’ll be able to assist you with any questions that you may have. Alternatively, you can request for us to call you at a convenient time.

Sounds Like This Doesn’t Apply To You?

Not a problem.

We understand that a lot of professions in the Motor Trade industry can overlap. That’s why we have the facilities in place to find the right policy that’s tailor made for you. If you’re in the wrong place, choose one of the alternative professions below and we’ll take you straight to the page you’re looking for.

  Vehicle Sales
  Windscreen repair
  Vehicle Delivery
  Breakers salvage
  Car Body Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that taking out road risks insurance can seem quite daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of FAQs to answer any questions that you may have.

Road risk insurance can cover any named drivers who drive vehicles to conduct business. You will also be covered if you are involved in an accident or incident, such as a collision or theft (depending on the fact you are covered under third-party, fire and theft). The value of your vehicles and your customers vehicles will also be covered against any potential risks and damages.
All policies allow the holder and any named driver to drive vehicles that are registered to or owned by the policy holder, and any vehicles that are in custody of the policy holder’s business. Your employees will only be covered for your vehicles unless otherwise stated. Vehicles owned by friends and family members are not covered unless you can provide evidence that they are in your possession for the purpose of your business.
You can make this happen. In most cases, your account handler will need to contact your insurer to confirm that your vehicle meets the insurer’s criteria, and that it will have the appropriate level of cover.
If your business deals with repairing, maintenance or selling vehicles, it’s crucial that you have a road risk insurance policy. With customers leaving their vehicles in your care, if anything were to happen to these vehicles you could be held accountable. Don’t be caught out.