Ways You Can Save Money On Your Motor Home Insurance

Every campervan owner wants to save money on their insurance as owning one can take a large chunk out of their bank account each month/year. Owning a campervan in the first place is pretty special. It’s even more special when you have the correct cover for when you decide to bring it out every year. However, it’s important to have the right insurance that suits your needs and doesn’t include any unnecessary policies.

Breathe a little easier with these ways to save money on your campervan insurance.


Buy the coverage that you need

It’s always important to shop around and research which insurance you need before purchasing it. A lot of motorhome insurers will try to sell you the highest level of coverage and chances are you won’t need the majority of what they’re selling. For example, you can consider dropping theft coverage if your motorhome isn’t worth that much. Don’t get fooled into getting policies that are unnecessary for your situation.

Also, reconsider the value of your Motorhome each year to ensure you aren’t insuring your motorhome for more or less than it is actually worth.


Take a specialist driving course

Driving a motorhome or campervan is different compared to a regular car and insurers recognize this. Some companies offer a discount to motorists who take a driver training course. The Camping and Caravanning Club offer a one-day course at £150. You’ll learn about the implications of driving a larger vehicle and once completed you’ll be eligible for discounted insurance.

For one day, it seems worth it.



This is the case for pretty much every vehicle that you insure, but keeping your motor in a safe, secure location can lower your insurance. Storing your motorhome in a secured garage will help keep costs low. It’s important to never keep your motorhome in a public location (e.g. parked on a road) – it’ll be vulnerable to theft.

Also, take into consideration the location of where you’re storing your motorhome as the postcode of the location could be the reason your premium is higher. City centre postcodes have higher insurance premiums associated with them. Keeping your motorhome in a rural storage centre/garage can save you vast amounts on your policy. Consider keeping it in a CaSSOA site (The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association) – they are an accredited body with the facilities to store your motorhome all year round in remote and secure locations.


Named Drivers

Carefully consider the drivers that you list on your policy as one wrong driver and bam… your insurance skyrockets. Insurers base their premiums on the youngest or least experienced driver named on the policy. Regardless of how well they drive, they will still be on the insurer's system as inexperienced. The amount of extra cash that they charge for them seems unreasonable but it’s how they work.

If you have someone named on your policy that hardly drives the vehicle then seriously consider whether or not they actually need to be on there in the first place.



Something that you will find when searching around for insurance is the constant questioning about the security of your vehicle. “Do you have an anti-theft device?” – “Is your motorhome alarmed?” - so on and so on. This is because having certain types of security installed will lower the price of your premium.

By adding items such as locks, alarms, immobilizers, tracking devices, and CCTV, you can save more than 10% on your quote.


Shop Around

It’s obvious but shop around for your insurance. Get quotes from at least 5 different insurers before making any decision. Here at Kompare, we compare the UK’s top motorhome/campervan insurers so you don’t have to. By completing our simple application form, you’ll have access to quotes from multiple insurers in seconds.

You do the easy part, and we’ll do the hard work for you. It makes sense to find your motorhome/campervan insurance through Bionic.